Helping You Get the Market Opportunity

About us:

  • Our Vision for the future is to be the activity of choice by our customers, the innovator of new technologies and systems, an ambassador and business partner in the community, the key role player in electronic engineering facilities, the provider of a safe and nurturing work place, and the premier organization for all companies worldwide.
  • Mission: Microvolt Company is an independent consulting firm providing services in all areas of electromagnetic compatibility, safety and telecommunications worldwide. Our staff has many years of experience in electrical design review, consulting and training services. We can help you in many ways - designing for regulatory compliance up front rather than resorting to band aid approaches. Feel free to browse site, and remember to check back often for updated information. 


*       All this experience in all aspects of regulatory compliance has made us keenly aware of your EMI/EMC needs. Our goal has remained the same, “Helping You Get the Market Opportunity”. This fundamental goal has been the cornerstone of our organization. We believe that if you're successful we're successful, and do everything within our ability to help you meet your regulatory needs.




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