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This product is very much recommended for high tech research & design engineers, a must have comprehensive, complete and up to date document about EMI/EMC ever written. These professionals are working in Personal Computer ,PCMCIA, semiconductor systems, telecommunications, networking and electrical engineering industries, aerospace, DoD, commercial avionics, automotive, light industrial, consumer electronics, professional audio/video products' engineering for worldwide markets.

This document is a result of numerous opportunities I had in the past to resolve EMI/EMC issues.   Most often text books will say, a simple example would be to place a series termination  close to the source and even tell you how far it can be placed. However, there is more information needed than that........ >>More

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"Table of Contents"
1.0 OVERVIEW 2.0 EMI sources, paths and receivers 3.0 EMI Suppression Components: 5.0 Ground, VCC and signal traces Structure (PCB or Printed Wiring Board): 6.0 Trace Layout (Series Vs Parallel) 7.0 Trace Inductance and Via Models: 8.0 Electric and Magnetic fields Polarizations: 9.0 Electro-Mechanical Issues: 10.0 Apertures: 11.0 Grounding of Shields: 12.0 Hardware and Software Solutions to EMI/EMC problems: 13.0 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Solutions to EMI/EMC problems: 14.0 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Transients: 15.0 Fundamental Frequency APPENDIX A: Chassis GND, VCC, and GND plane layouts: References:

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